Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Significant Landmark: 100,000 page views

Design for India on One Lakh hits

Design for India_Prof M P Ranjan

Image 01: Google Analytics data on blog traffic to the Design for India blog with source and volume of traffic.

The blog traffic on ‘Design for India” has crossed a significant landmark with the clocking up of 100,000 page views a couple of days ago. This has been accomplished by 58,500 visits from 45,000 visitors from 106 countries and over 4,900 cities across the world.

In India we have had over 32,000 visits from 119 cities with Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai topping the list of visits and visitors. The next country is the USA with 11,600 visits from 52 States and 2300 cities joining the list. The United Kingdon comes in third with 2,500 visits from 358 cities. Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Italy take the next five places on the list.

Design for India_Prof M P Ranjan


  1. Yes, Google Analytics is a free service that any webmaster can use to monitor hits on their web site or blog. I find it to be a very useful service for my blogs.

  2. wow -- and that's not taking into account any of the folk like me who visit via RSS feeds who wouldn't even show up on Google Analystics. are you tracking us through Feedburner?

    either way -- congrats. and i'm glad to be one of many who's knowledge hunger has been fed at times by your site. many tasty sessions enjoyed here!


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