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Sustainability & Design at Davos 2009: Posters in PDF

Sustainability & Design at Davos 2009: Five Posters in A3 size in printable PDF format

Prof M P Ranjan

Image01: Views of Sustainability Design Charette at New Delhi on 15 November 2008 as part of the India Economic Summit which was organised by the World Economic Forum.

The “Sustainability for Tomorrow's Consumers: India Innovation Charette” was organised on the 15th November 2008 at New Delhi as part of the India Economic Summit 2009 under the auspices of the World Economic Forum. The Charette consisted of mixed groups of business executives, sustainability experts, social entrepreneurs, designers and design students, all working together to build on the three pillars which define the initiative were proposed by the World Economic Forum team headed by Marcello Mastioni:

A. Business Case for Sustainability,
B. Innovation for Tomorrow’s Business, and
C. Building the Framework Conditions.

The day long discussions and workshop sessions at the Design Charette at New Delhi saw six key themes emerge:
1.ENGAGE CONSUMERS: co-create and close the loop
2.Move from stuff to VALUE BUSINESS MODELS: consume right, not less
3.Embrace OPEN SOURCED innovation: leverage copy left
4.INTEGRATE to deliver innovation: collaborate along the value chain
5.REDEFINE THE CORE: meta-morph and reinvent
6.Leverage EMERGING TECHNOLOGY: put science at work

Image02: Views from the two day Visualising Sustainability Workshop conducted at NID on 26 and 27 December 2008 for a hands on session for visualising approaches to sustainability along six selected themes.

The push for the follow up meet at NID would now be to understand the ideas that will leverage these broad frameworks into the future. The aspects that currently maintain the status quo must be examined, and concepts that will bring about transformation will have to be envisioned and articulated. The broad themes have to therefore be detailed, visualised and made tangible.

In order to take these themes forward, the National Institute of Design (NID) proposed a two day workshop, ‘Visualising Sustainability for Davos 2009’ and the same was organised on the 26th and 27th of December 2008, where six multidisciplinary teams of design students, faculty, and invited experts explored these six themes, in order to create detailed concepts within each of these broad frameworks.

Image03: Selection of thumbnail sketches that could capture various themes and issues associated with sustainability visualisation as a preparation for the poster making that would follow.

The outcomes of this workshop was further developed by a core team of three faculty and five students at NID so that these could be presented at the “Sustainability for Tomorrow's Consumers” Governors Meeting Session, on the 29 January 2009. What emerged was a set of five posters that drew on the six key themes that were proposed earlier in consultation with the World Economic Forum organisers through online and telephonic discussions while the core team developed the concepts and visualised the specific themes at the NID, Ahmedabad.

Image04: Posters on five themes that were sent to Davos for the closed door meeting of CEO's that discussed various approaches and strategies for sustainability in the business world in the days ahead.Let us look forward to their proposals for all of us.

The five posters are offered here as printable A3 size PDF downloads for use in schools and business settings alike to stimulate the use of design thinking and sustainable practices in the creation and delivery of new and improved products, services and business strategies that are sustainable – both people as well as environment friendly – in both thought and action.

0. Poster introducing the set of five posters on sustaibnability and the process of making these for the World Economic Forum in Davos 2009.

1. Poster on the theme of Co-Creation for Sustaibnability: PDF file 2.9 MB

2. Poster on the theme of Dematerialisation for Sustaibnability: PDF file 2.2 MB

3. Poster on the theme of Essence Making for Sustaibnability: PDF file 3.1 MB

4. Poster on the theme of Innovating the Value Chain for Sustaibnability: PDF file 2.7 MB

5. Poster on the theme of using Emerging Technologies for Sustaibnability: PDF file 2.7 MB

6. Full set of six posters as a compact booklet in A3 size_4 MB pdf.

7. Full set of six posters as a printable booklet in A3 size_16 MB pdf.

Prof M P Ranjan

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